Blog for 'On Your Computer' Cable TV Series

The Essentials…

“It is time for  a new generation of leadership to cope with new problems and new opportunities.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – July 4, 1960

This Blog is the companion our production ‘On Your Computer’. In the first four Introductory shows, each 30-minute segment provides those slightly behind the technological curve as well as the more experienced computer users instruction, techniques or new content to add to their computing skills. Based upon classes taught for adult learners spanning 40 years, viewers advance from Powering-On the Computer and Desktop Management, Internet Browsing, E-Mailing including where to get Online Help. Then more advanced show segments tackle desktop applications, emailing (with media attachments), keeping your computer virus-free, clutter free as well as ongoing user maintenance issues–topics every computer user must address.

Starting with Show #5 and beyond the show format will change into three 8-minute segments that will delve into working more effectively with new applications on a variety of  computing hardware, desktops, operating systems and media (emphasis is on free and popular software), news, weather and finance websites and security issues for all technology levels. For example one show segment may discuss upgrading the trusted computer or moving into newer products with advice from technical experts. Should  more information be available via a user group then a link will be provided. As you can see ‘On Your Computer’ has something for everyone!

Taped at the Norfolk Community Television (NCTV) Studios in Norfolk MA by an all volunteer staff, the shows are made available without charge to local COA Senior Centers and to other public access television stations around the country. Interested viewers should contact their cable television provider and ask for this FREE television series.



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